Sunday all terain in Batam

Sobatsepeda,Sunday morning in Batam ,we strating thar day with our bicycle for weekly habit or hobby. I am escorted by Pak Antok , ex- daily chaiman of B2w Chapter batam. starting with aspalt track around 15 km we enjoying terain . Then we throught sand mining area.After we passing the aspalt track. then we find this track very fantastic and inovatic. The track is from soil , sand and many more.

Several terain up hill and down hill , sand , soil and mud after rain yesterday. This terain elevated around 30 degree and altitude around 57 meter above sea level and then down to 8 meter above sea level almost 25 degree down angle, Can you imagine how speed are we reach? . We think that terain combined from down hill , dirty track , XC and Off road.

This track located behind Mapolda Kepri ,nice terain for off roader or down hiller. we hope next time it will be real race track for bigger event, because it is one of our favorite track. So many track karacter fetured there. extreme , hard , bumping , mad and many more.

After we again the natural Avalance erosion Track then we find aspalt track .

This track elevation around 30 degre and elevaton around 44 meter above sea level, just ordinary track .And this sunday morning we got around 30 km terain .

Then we break at Lontong pecel , in our pit stop we enjoy lontong pecel and sweet hot tea for several minute and then continue several kilometer angain.

Then we meet several personel MTB-BTM preparing Urban Down Hill race and Ngicik race that morning . This race is part of first AnniversarY or PERSADA (PERSATUAN SEPEDA SEKITARAN BANDARA BATAM) is ones of bicycling club around Air port Hang Nadim  , in Batam island. Mr Ade Mulkan and his Commitee succeeded with all they member in this event. Success for PERSADA next year we waiting foward for yours great event.

Several obstacle is equipment needed in Urban down hill, but we have real obstacle in Drag Bike park , wich they always trial every saturday and Sunday.

Parking after preparing, this bikes are all participants of Urban Down hill in First anniversary of  PERSADA.

General check up for bicycle before racing is required before they run to race track.And several of them share technical advice for handeling abstacle and every think required in Down hill race.

Several children as per pasticipant Fun bike that morning whose enliven that event, as per ordinary fun bike , after they reach finish then waiting they luck for several doorprice and grand price.

Several participant preparing to starting Ngicik race as per you see, that bike so small tire for drag race as long as track about 10 meter long.

After first race then starting second race with full aparrel participants, Can you imagine how fast they can reach?….Very-very fast or Furius ?, We hope next time this kind off race andvanced to down hill or free ride kontest or race.

And then result of second race is……Who fastest is the winner

After ngicik race over , then cotinue to Urban Down Hill for more serious race , more risk and more chalengge. well done PERSADA well done  MTB-BTM success all batam biker.



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